Strike force heroes 2 unblocked at school with easy steps 2017

Strike force heroes 2 unblocked now possible with easy tutorial of strike force heroes unblocked. Are you looking for strike force heroes 2 unblocked game with guide? If yes, then you should need to read out this complete guide which we are sharing today.

The new hero Strike force is now available! Strike Force Heroes 3 is an exciting, browser-style game full of war action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You play as the captain of a military team to protect responsible for different areas, or to capture new ways. You can unblock many  form our blog.

This is not much popular from fallout 4 but good for play.  As captain, you decide how many players that you take with you on the battlefield, and what kinds of troops you want on your team. If you like PvP-style games, then you will surely spend hours of fun playing this game!


How to play Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

You start the game with $ 400 fund and get your first hero – the engineer. This character also acts as the first captain Squad! Use these heroes complete the first mission. The successful completion of the first mission will offer a little extra cash and extra rewards. Moreover, it will also allow you to unlock the next mission and its subsequent rewards.

Difficulty levels of Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked

Strike Force Heroes 3 features 50 different missions to complete for you! Emissions from one to 20 than the normal levels indicated. 21-28 missions are a little harder; these emissions are considered the difficulty to be difficult. Finally, the emissions are 29-50 the most difficult missions in the game!

Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked Missions Guide

Each mission requires different goals, and includes different types of rewards.

For example, 1 is a mission vs. a team death match game where you fight against an opposing team, consisting of a single player.

The person at the end of this mission, which was the highest number of deaths is accumulated gain the reward and received – a new class to your team book! This round unlocks the Gunslinger class.

Mission 2 is a game of two on two dominance. Similar to death match team, your goal is the highest number of deaths to get to win the prize – a new model, as well as an additional hero.

  1. However, this new hero is not a new class. Instead, you can add an additional engineer.
  2. The model that you get to win in this round to allow you to build a new element and to unlock that your hero can use!
  3. This item can be purchased at the store, get in the slot machine, or obtained as a random reward!
  4. For the successful completion of the mission 3 – the two vs. Mission two Team Death match – you can expand your military base!

This mission is configured similarly to the first mission where you are in a game of life and death for an opposing team, only this time, if you have a two heroes instead of just using.

How to Play & Scoring in Strike Force Unblocked

The scoring system in Strike force Heroes 3 unblocked is simple. Your score is based on the number of times you kill the enemy. You get a higher score than the other team, to each mission to successfully complete.

In addition to these general statistics, each class has its own set of functions. Try ron feed for more. The tracks may belong or not the hero automatically regenerate health points, how long it takes the hero after death to appear, the ability to close allies to increase critical strike chance and more.

These features will also tell a player what kind of weaknesses of a particular class will bring to the team, as some classes can easily located by enemies because it is higher than the other classes, such as one from a point on the map Travel for other.

In addition to these features each class equipped with different upgrades and specific primary weapons, secondary weapons and accessories. Upgrades, primary weapons, secondary weapons and accessories can be unlocked by upgrading the hero level. For example, to obtain the first update to the engineer, they have to reach level 5. Each hero wins perform missions by experience points first.

Final Verdict on unblocked games strike force heroes

Hope you liked and enjoyed this guide about strike force heroes 2 unblocked game with full information,

if you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to let us know in the comments section below and keep coming for next strike force heroes 3 unblocked.


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