How to open a coconut fruit

Coconut is a wonder fruit. It’s a coastal fruit grown in abundance at Indian coastal areas. Carribean and Southeast Asia locations are occupied with Coconut fruits all over. This tasty round in shaped fruit has a very hard cover underneath being softer.

It’s healthy as well as of all parts of coconut is of some use; from its husk to the hard shell, the water juice, and the fruit. To open the coconut fruit is little tricky. We bring you few solutions to it.

How to open a coconut fruit

How to open a Coconut Fruit: Few ways suggested

Way 1: Take the Coconut fruit. You will find three eyes on the top of the fruit. Look for the softer among them. Screw down to that one to make a whole into it. Once done with the one eye, do the same with second one.

It might take your extra effort as the other two eyes are stronger. You can use a screwdriver, a scissor, or even you can nail down with a hammer. However be a bit cautious while doing so; as you may injure yourself.

Afterward, take a bowl and drain out all the water juice from it. You may pour juice after making single whole only, but the second whole will let you drain the juice faster.

How to open a coconut fruit

Now take the Coconut in your hand and a big, heavy knife. Put some of the coconut water around the fruit. You can draw a line with a pen or a chalk (you can also make a virtual partitioning with putting some coconut water around it).

The line should be like you are drawing an equator on the globe making all the eyes on one side of the pole. Now hold the coconut in the palm of your one hand and take the knife in your other hand.

Tap it from the rough edge of the knife while rotating it throughout. The coconut will crack into two parts from the line drawn. This also separates the shell from the fruit. In case it’s not separated use the knife with its sharp edge by putting in between the shell and the fruit. Start using the trick from any piece, any place. You might need to further crack the fruit into small pieces.

Way 2: Use the same technique to drain out water from the fruit. Now take a clean plastic bag, big enough to fit in the fruit inside. Put the coconut into the bag, close it with a rubber band or simply gather the loose end with your one hand.

Now take a hammer and start tapping with little force. Carry on until you get smaller pieces; say 6-7 pieces. Now use the knife as instructed above to have the delicious fruit.

Way 3: You can directly smash it on the clean and plain surface. This way you can’t take the benefit of its juice. You can open the coconut fruit like this when you are not a great fan of its juice. Now use a knife to separate the fruit.


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